17 Russian Phrases for Love

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Russian phrases to express loveHow do I love thee, let me count the ways in Russian! As in English, the Russian language has many ways to express the feelings you have for your partner, and I would like to detail 17 Russian phrases for love in this article. As always, I will write the phrase in English twice. The first will help with pronunciation, the second will be the more common written version. And remember, the only true way to spell any of these phrases is in Cyrillic, but don’t worry: All Russians can read and pronounce the English alphabet. Let’s get started!

I love you. = Ya tebYA luBLU [Written: Ya tebya lublu]

This can be amplified with different adverbs and phrases. For example:

I really love you. = Ya tebya OCHin lublu. [Written: Ya tebya ochin lublu.]

I truly love you. = Ya daystVEETelno tibya lublu. [Written: Ya destvitelno tibya lublu.]

I love you very strongly. = Ya lublu tebya OCHin SEELnuh. [Written: Ya lublu tibya ochin silno.]

I love you with all my strength. = Ya lublu tibya eez za fsYEKH seel. [Written: Ya lublu tibya iz za fsex sil.]

I love you more than anyone else in the world. = Ya lublu tibya BOILsheh fsekh na SVYETyeh. [Written: Ya lublu tibya bolshe fsex na svete.]

You are my love. = Tee maiYAH luBOAF. [Written: Ti maya lubov.]

You are my only love. = Tee yehDEENstvinaya maya lubov. [Written: Ti edinstvinaya maya lubov.]

You are my beloved. = Tee maiYAH luBEEmaya. [Written: Ti maya lubimaya.] Though corny-sounding in English, calling a woman your beloved in Russian is extremely common and will win her over!

If you just met a woman and want to impress her, you can tell her the following:
I believe in love at first sight! = Ya VYERu v luBOAF SPYERvava vzGLYAda. [Written: Ya veryu v lubov s pervovo vzglada.] You can then follow up with a question:
�And do you believe, also? = A tee TOzhe VYEReesh? [Written: A ti tozhe verish?]

Dear! = DoroGAya. [Written: Dorogaya.] This is the most common form of address when speaking to your girlfriend or wife. You could also refer to her as

Sweety! = MEElaya. [Written: Milaya.]

Often, the adjective my is added before these:

My dear! = DoroGAya maya. [Written: Dorogaya maya.]

My sweety! = Meelaya maya. [Written: Milaya maya.]

I adore you. = Ya tebYA ahbihZHAIyu. [Written: Ya tebya obizhayu.]

You are my second half. = Tee maiYAH ftaRAYA palahVEENa. [Written: Ti maya ftoraya polovina.] This phrase, about her being your second half, is extremely common in Russian.

Hopefully you found this list of Russian phrases for love to be useful. Now go put them to work for you!

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  1. StevenAdkins says:

    This is basically all anyone needs to know, right?

  2. masteradmin says:

    Well…..love phrases, and how to order a beer.

    How long have you been studying Russian, Steve?

  3. Messo says:

    1) I love you with all my strength = Я люблю тебя изо всех сил – sounds very funny and i dont’t think anybody says it in Russia :)

    2) You are my second half – better to say “ты моя вторая половинка”, Tee maiYAH ftaRAYA palahVEENKa – here, the letter “K” adds your love to what you are saying :) Tee maiYAH ftaRAYA palahVEENa sounds like report, but not expression of feelings.

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