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Power Phrases Lesson #16
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Be careful with how you use Russian greetings. Hello in Russian is considered formal and should be used in polite situations with people you are not familiar with. For example, with your boss who you would want to speak to with some degree of respect, you would say Hello, and not Hi which is more casual. For that see the video lesson for Hi in Russian.

Russian for Hello is Zdra-wichyeh

In this video as usual you can also hear a native Russian speaker’s commentary on when Hello is used and when it should not be used. As always make your flash cards and practice a little bit each day and you’ll be speaking Russian in no time!

Russian is pretty tough. I mean, let’s not kid ourselves. It can be downright intimidating at times. But there’s two things I want to encourage you with.

#1: Don’t worry. I am here to help you. I enjoy teaching, and I especially enjoy teaching Russian. If I can do it, you can do it. And I’m going to show you every trick I came up with to master this killer language. So hang in there.

Besides, if you’ve seen all the videos up to this point, you already have a good, useful vocabulary that you should feel proud of. I guarantee you ALREADY KNOW MORE RUSSIAN than 99% of the tourists who travel there. You know how to politely ask for tea and coffee, or a beer or juice, pizza, salad, soup, chicken. You can ask where the currency exchange is, or the bathroom, and you can point to ANYTHING and ask for this one here, please. Of course after todays Russian video lesson, you will know the difference between Hello and Hi in Russian.

That’s pretty useful, and I hope you feel good about that. Heck, I feel proud of you,and we barely know each other!

#2: Though you might be a beginner in Russian, here’s an important point that so many native speakers of English overlook: YOU ARE AN OUTRIGHT, WORLD CLASS MASTER OF ENGLISH.

How so?

You, my friend, can have the news on in the family room as you cook dinner in the kitchen and still understand everything.

You can watch a movie where the actors speak lightning fast, slang-ridden jargon obscured beneath a loud soundtrack, explosions and whatnot and still get every word,including the meaning, the sarcasms, the jokes, the subtext. All of it.

Because you are a native speaker of English, and Russian people (for one) will constantly be amazed at your skills. They will ask you to listen to a song, maybe Britney Spears, maybe The Pussycat Dolls, and ask if you understand the words, and could you please explain it to them. You have an incredible skill, every bit as amazing as their ability to understand Russian.

Always remember that.

Now on to today’s video! How to say Hello in Russian.

Do svidaniyeh!


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