How to ask in Russian: Is it far?

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Of course, asking “Is it far?” (”Eto daliko?”) is a pretty vague question. What exact distance is ‘far’ anyway? One man’s short walk is another man’s all-day hike. Still, you can judge a lot by the person’s reaction and the emphasis they put on the word as they reply, as well as the modifiers they use:

Muzei, eto daliko? = The museum, is it far?

Muzei? Nyet, ni ochin daliko. = The museum? No, not very far.

Aieroport…daliko? = Is the airport far?

Oi, dalikooo…! = Wow, far!!!

A Russian speaker will often just answer with:

“No, not very.” = Nyet, ni ochin.

Good luck!

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