How to say Good Job Well Done in Russian

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There’s a good reason for knowing how to say ‘Good job’ or ‘well done’ in Russian: You’re going to hear it a lot. The fact that you know Russian will earn you the praise of ‘molodyets’ numerous times. But any job well done will ellicit it. Cook a good meal for someone, or bowl a strike at the bowlling alley, make a nice photo…molodyets, molodyets!

If you want to make it a bit more personal, you can add the word you or he or she. In other words, Good job, you! Or, She did a great job!

Ti molodyets! = You did a great job!

On (sounds like ‘own’) molodyets = He did a great job!

Ona (pronounced ‘ahNAH’) molodyets! = She did a great job!

If you can give praise like this on the spot, you’ll win a lot of friends in Russia or Ukraine!

Molodyets indeed!

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