How to say Here in Russian

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Zdyays (often written simply as ‘zdes’) is the Russian word for expressing “Here in this location.” It’s the opposite of the word ‘Tam’ (pronounced like the name Tom.) When choosing where to sit in a cafe, you’d ask your friend, “Here or over there.” In Russian, “Zde ili tam?”

You’ll also use the word when agreeing where to meet. There you are with a friend you just met. You agree to meet again that evening, and point to the very spot you’re standing at: “Davai zdes!” = Let’s meet here. (The word ‘davai’ means “Let’s”. No verb for “meet” would be necessary in the above example.)

You’ll also be using ‘zdes’ to ask if various things are available in a particular location:

Zdes est tualyet? = Is there a toilet here?

Zdes est telefon? = Is there a telephone here?

Zdes est restoran ili kafe? = Is there a restaurant or cafe here?

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