How to say: Is that All in Russian

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Power Phrases Lesson #17
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I remember the first time I heard ‘fsyoh’ (often spelled simply ‘fsyo’) in the real world. There I was in a mini-market in St. Petersburg, Russia. My first day, and I’m buying food to stock the fridge in my rented apartment. I tell the lady behind the counter what I want, mostly pointing and saying “Mozhno eto, mozhno eto?” She senses that’s the end of my list and asks, “Fsyo?” (Is that all?)

Oh my God, I thought to myself. I totally know that word! She just asked if that’s all I want! I can’t believe this. It’s working! I just understood a Russian phrase, on location! Awesome! Minutes later, after I finished congratulating myself, I echoed, “Da, fsyo.” And tossed in a “Spasibo” for good measure.

I’m off-track, now, but I remember being confounded by their purchasing system in that mini-market. You walk in, tell the lady behind the counter what you want (ALL the products are behind the counter). She collects them and tallies the price, but as you prepare to pay her, she waves you away, telling you that you need to pay that lady over there. So you cross the room, pay some other lady, who gives you a little receipt, which you then bring to the first lady, who *finally* gives you your stuff.

I’m tired just writing it. Wel, I guess that’s fsyo!

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