How to Say Salad /Pizza / and Soup in Russian

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We’ve already covered how to say a variety of drinks in Russian. Now let’s move on to the healthy stuff.. Salad anyone? The Russian word for salad is another word that sounds very similar to the English version. Watch the video and you’ll be just about ready to get anything you need at a restaurant in Russia.

But as far as pizza goes, be warned: It hardly qualifies as pizza. I mean, I’m a New Yorker. Sure, I live in Ukraine now, but just last month I was back in Manhattan. Ever have Famiglia’s pizza? I think it’s on 50th Street and 7th Ave. Now THAT’S pizza. Here in Ukraine? I’m sorry, Sergei, but just because something is round doesn’t make it pizza. Yes, there’s a drop of red sauce, but that’s not mozzalle cheese, it’s cheddar, for crying out loud. The people here, they just don’t get it. I still love ‘em, but their pizza needs work. Anyone want to move here and open a restaurant?

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