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Russian Accelerator – Learn Russian Online has just unveiled its new corporate website, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their work on it. If you’re not familiar with Russian Accelerator, it’s the course we created to turn complete beginners into confident speakers of Russian. An important part of the site is all the video testimonials that are posted there. Proof of the effectiveness of the course. Who are the people making these testimonials?

Well, this past Labor Day, from September 3rd to the 10th, I played host to the first annual Russian Accelerator Live Workshop here in Sevastopol. It was a blast and everyone — the members, all our support staff, and certainly myself — had a great time. And the video testimonials are the interviews we shot of all the members who attended: John D, Neil, Luc, Jonny, and Peter. (And let me say once again, you guys all were very impressive, and we’re so psyched you made the trip out here!) Along with getting their opinions on the course, we also filmed lots of live video of these guys in action, using their Russian in various real situations: Ordering food, buying things on the street and in stores, and so on. We also did fun scripted routines, so they could run through a few of the dialogues from the course for all the other members to watch (and critique!)

There were so many highlights during the Workshop, but best of all were all the friendships that were made. I now know I have friends we can visit in Scotland, England, Montreal, Toronto and Tuscon….(and you guys are all welcome to come visit anytime!) Beyond the friendships, it was just so gratifying to see all the success all these guys have had with the Russian Accelerator course. And some have only been in for a few months! Incredible…to see these guys holding their own with native speakers, at ease with waiters in cafes, and sellers in the bazaar, and so on. So impressive, all of you.

So, please: Go check out the brand new Russian Accelerator website. There’s a lot to see there, and worth a long look around.

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  1. Larry Plummer says:

    Your site is unbelievable! I have just started learning the Russian language and would like to begin using and keep up with your educational program. Where do I sign up for your free program?
    Spacibo (Is that right?)

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