Russian for: This is my __ This is your__

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This is a slight over-generalization, but in Russian, nouns (things) can end with one of three kinds of sounds:

An ‘a’ sound (’ah’) as in ‘karta’ (which means map).

An ‘o’ sound, as in ‘okno’ (which means window).

Or with any of the consonants, as in ’stol’ (table) or ’stakan’ (cup).

One of the pillars of Russian grammar is given the fancy name “Agreement” but all it often means is that nouns have to RHYME with their adjective. Honestly, it’s often that simple. Thus:

This is my map. = Eto maYA karta. (The word ‘maya’ is an adjective in Russian, and note how it rhymes with the ‘a’ of ‘karta.’)

This is my window. = Eto maYO okno.

This is my glass. = Eto moi stakan.

Granted, that last version doesn’t rhyme, but in other situations, it would.

To say “your” in Russian, as in, “This is your map,” is either Tvoi, tvaya, or tvayo:

This is your map. = Eto tvaya karta.

This is your window. = Eto tvaYOH okno. (Written: Tvoe)

This is your glass. = Eto tvoi stakan.

Don’t worry too much about making mistakes. For example, if you said, “Eto moi okno,” Russians will understand you, and a patient person will gently correct you, “maYO okno” they’ll say.


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