Russian Phrase for: On Foot

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I debated whether to include this word in my list of the most useful Russian words. After all, if you end up taking taxis, the word may never come up. But if you’re an explorer and intend to do some walking in Moscow or St. Petersburg or Kiev, then knowing how to say ‘On foot’ (pishkom) is vital. Here’s some typical phrases you’ll make with this word:

The museum…is it possible on foot? (In other words, you’re asking someone if you can walk to the museum, or will it be too far.) = MuZYAY…mozhno pishkom? (Of course, you can add any particular destination instead of museum.)

Also, when people say, “Poshli!” which means, “Let’s go!”, you can confirm if they truly mean on foot by asking, “Pishkom?”

If you’re walking with someoe and they (or you) suggest a destination to head towards, you can insist on going on foot, instead of in a bus or a taxi, by saying, “Davai pishkom.”

When living in a foreign country you never know what the locals may be thinking. What may seem obvious to you, may not necessarily be what the people around you are thinking at all. The Russian phrase for On foot, will help you to confirm how you will be getting to your destination. By taxi, air, boat, bike, or on foot. Good to know so you can make sure and wear the shoes that will be best suited for your taxi ride.

Good luck!

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