Russian Phrases For the Airport

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You just flew in to Moscow’s Sheremetevo’s airport. You’re exhausted and hungry, and yet now you have to deal with the hassle of passport control and getting your luggage, and possibly even making a connecting flight. Let’s prep you for this now, so you’ll be comfortable when you get there. Let’s learn some Russian phrases for the airport online:

Let’s greet the officer at Passport Control.

zdrast – vvooey – tyeh

(Listen to the sound file at the top of this article.)

Here is my passport.
Вот мой пасспорт.
vote moi passport.

Once he’s stamped your passport and handed it back to you, thank him:

It’s time to search for your luggage. Let’s keep things simple for now and just ask:

Where — baggage?

Где багаж?
gdyeh bagazh?

Let’s say you need to buy a ticket to your next destination. These airports aren’t as big as their U.S. and European counterparts, so you’ll find the ticket counters easily enough. Let’s buy a ticket:

One ticket to ____, please.

Один билет в ____, пожалуйста.
Odeen beelyet v ____ pozhaluista.

It’s important to know things like when boarding is, and when the departure is, so let’s ask:

When does boarding begin?

Когда начинается посадка?
kogda nachinaiesta posadka?

When is departure?
Когда вылет?
kogda vweelet?

Hopefully the person you’re speaking with will know some English. In airports, at least some of the personnel usually speaks some English. Still, though, I thinks it’s best to ask them: “Can you write that down, please?”

Напишите пожалуйста.
Napisheetyeh, pozhaluista.

Be sure to make a writing gesture, in case they have trouble understanding you. Anyway, ticket in hand, you head off to find your gate.

You’ve checked the monitors, which have writing in both English and Russian, so you’re feeling pretty confident that you’re waiting in the right area to board your next flight. Still, you want to be sure. Let’s ask someone:

Is this the flight to ____ ?

Это рейс в _____ ?
eto race v ____ ?

For example: Is this the flight to Ekaterinburg?

Это рейс в Екатеринбург?
Eto race v Yihkaterinburg?

You’re boarding the plane now. Let’s confirm that you’re about to take the right seat. Ask the stewardess:

“Is this my seat?”

Это моё место?
Eto maiyo myesto?

Hopefully she’ll say, “Da” which means “Yes.”
If she says, “Nyet,” (No), she’ll probably lead your to the correct seat.

After this next flight, after you’ve collected your bags, you might want a taxi. Luckily, the word for taxi always seems to be TAXI no matter where you go. The only difference is that Russian moves the emphasis. We say “TAxi” with emphasis on the “a”, they say, ‘tahk-SEE’ with emphasis on the “ee” at the end.

There you have it. Some of the most useful Russian phrases for the airport.

Enjoy your flight!
Russian Phrases For the Airport

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