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This is part two of my Russian Reading Video Series. The order in which you go through them is not critically important. But it’s probably best that you start with Russian Reading Video Part One.

In Part one of the series you learned aproximately half of the Russian alphabet. The show must go on.. so here goes.. Part II

The MiraЖ in Las Vegas is my favorite hotel.

Зippidee do dah!

Шotgun wedding.

Чinese Фood is delicious!

Яtzee is a game played with dice.

Уps, I Did It Again is Brittney’s best song!

Еsterday is the Beatle’s best song!

We’re almost done. One more round after this. Let’s play with our new letters. The answers, again, will be at the bottom:








Here’s the final batch of Russian letters for you:

Ё dude, whassup! Or: My favorite toy is a Ё Ё .

Иk, a mouse! Or: Иster egg!

OЙ vei, what a headache! Or: G.I. Joe is my favorite toЙ.

Эpcot Center is better than Disney World.

Ю2 is a great group, but I’m not a big fan of Bono.

WhaЦ up, dude?

Ыk, another mouse!


Let’s play with these newest ones, and then get to the answers:




Ok, here’s the answers to all the words I wrote out:

СНО = Snow

БОН = Bone

ФАР = Far

БАР = Bar

ПРО = Pro

ЛАМП = Lamp

МАРС = Mars

ГАД = God

ЕС ОР НО? = Yes or no?

ЧУ СЛО = Chew slow.

ГАРАЖ = Garage

ФЛАШ = Flash.

ЯДА ЯДА = Yada yada.

ХОТ ДОГ = Hot dog.

ЭГ ЁЛК. = Egg yolk.

ЭКСКЮЗ МИ! = Excuse me!

ТОЙ СТОРИ. = Toy Story.


Finally, here’s a few sentences written in English, but using Cyrillic letters to spell out the words. Think of it as a final exam. Give it a try:

Хай! Май нэйм ис Марк. Ай рили лайк стадиинг рашен. Рашен ис сач эй кул лангуэдж, донт ю агри? Уэл, ай хоп зис артикл хэлпд ю!

I hope you learned a bit about Russian pronunciation and how to read Russian.

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  1. Victor Rovira says:

    In read real russian #2 your voice disappears after a few minutes.
    big loss! I find your lessons the best I have been able to find(including the rosseta stone I just bought.
    Any suggestions?

  2. Victor Rovira says:

    wonderful, better than Rosseta

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Victor, glad to hear that you like the videos, and thanks for the heads up. I uploaded a fixed version. Always open to suggestions too. If there is anything about Russia, Ukraine, or Russian language that you would like a video about let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

  4. it’s amazing! i’m getting better assimilating the sound to the symbols! i just finished the transcription above! awesome!!!
    thanks a lot!

  5. Mark says:

    Hi Lucas!

    Glad to help. How long have you been studying Russian? What’s the toughest part for you?


  6. ДОPOTЙ says:

    Thank you! This was a big help. I hope that I wrote Dorothy as my name.LOL.

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