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How to ask How much in Russian?

July 28th, 2009

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Power Phrases Lesson #5
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In this next video I show you how to say How Much in Russian, which is Сколько (Skoilko). Of course this is one of the most useful Russian phrases you can know. Don’t get caught short of money after a big purchase because you didn’t ask the proper questions. I’ll be putting up a post that will explain how to understand what you hear in Russian. Conversation is a two way street, so asking will get you places, but understanding is when the real magic starts to happen.

By the way, I hope you are making those flashcards. I can’t emphasize enough just how helpful they are. I mean, why just stand there idly in line at the grocery store? Take one of your cards out of your wallet (yes, I keep mine in my wallet. Don’t leave home without ‘em.) and test yourself. And remember, try not to cave in if you can’t remember a word right away. Give it time, and of course, try to recall the PowerPhrase we created.

If you can’t recall the Power Phrase, then give yourself just the first word. The point is that, the smaller the hint you give yourself, the more you’re forcing your brain to remember the answer. If you just read the answer, you’re not firing the correct neural pathways in your brain to facilitate learning. You can read an answer a hundred times, and STILL not remember it the next time you try to recall the word. It’s better to strain and struggle and sweat for ten minutes trying to remember first the PowerPhrase, which then helps you recall the actual word, than it is to just quit and say, “Let me take a look at the answer.” If you do that, it’ll take a whole lot longer to learn Russian.

Speaking of remembering, try — without glancing back at the top of this post — to recall what the word is for “How much.” Do you remember? What if I give you just the first letter? S____ . Does that help?

Or the first two: Sk___ ?

I know I’m getting into the real nitty-gritty of studying, but if you stick to my system, you will learn Russian much, much faster. The tip here is that if all else fails and you HAVE to read the answer, *just give yourself the first letter.* See if that’s enough to jog your memory.

Ok, that’s today’s post. Now take a minute and watch the video below to learn how to say How much in Russian.