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Power Phrases Lesson #3
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Watch the video to learn how to say Thank You in Russian, then read a little bit about how I wound up doing what I’m doing…

One of my students asked me, once: What did it for you, Mark? Was it just the women that inspired you to really buckle down and study Russian?

My answer: I liken it to learning guitar.

Did I practice guitar for all that time just to impress girls? No. I was aware that girls often like musicians, so it was a factor, but I also just loved playing guitar. I think any musician would answer the same. And so it was for Russian. I was aware that even just muttering a few phrases like thank you or, where is the such and such, with my horrendous American accent even that got attention from Russian girls. But that wasn’t the main motivating factor. I really just liked the sound of it, and liked pronouncing it. In fact, I remember the exact sentence I heard where I said, That’s it! That was so cool! I am going to try to master this! It was this:

Миша, я хочу есть! Вон симпатичное место. По-моему здесь можно неплохо поесть, и тут не очень дорого.

Actually, I’m not positive if I’m remembering those first two sentences correctly, but that last one I’m more-or-less positive about. Man, six years later and I can still remember it! The lines are from a textbook and accompanying DVD I bought called LIVE FROM MOSCOW. A girl called Tanya is telling her boyfriend:

Misha, I want to eat. Over there is a nice place. I think here it’s possible to have a good meal, and it’s not expensive.

The way the words flowed, the sound of her voice. I played it over and over.

I doubt you are going to fall in love with the way I pronounce any of these Russian words, but I do hope the language grows on you. If it has, and you’re wanting to supplement my videos with another source, I recommend trying to find the FREE course Princeton University released on the web. I used to to have it, but when my hard drive crashed two years ago, it was lost (with a whole lot of other stuff.)

But it’s out there. If you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll get it from one of my students who has it. It’s free, it’s all digital, with textbook and audio files — and it’s excellent.

Ok, on to today’s video: Thank you in Russian

Cheers from Sevastopol,


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